Yet more radio silence…

Almost a year between posting is, perhaps, a new low, and one that I have a somewhat evasive remedy for:

You can find me at the above, talking about more than ‘just knitting’, though there will be some of that, too. Basically, the mental weight I placed on “sitting down to post” had grown to such a level that I never tried to post, because I would need so much time to do it, etc. The Tumblr account is cool because, as plenty of other switchers appear to agree, its interface allows both long rambly/deep things as well as easy ways to post pictures of my cat getting stuck behind a picture on the top of a book shelf. And since my free time thoughts have wandered, increasingly, away from ‘art of living well’ types of things (like knitting and cooking … hmm) and back into the work that I do (and love) in economics and other social ‘stuff’, probably in lockstep with my finishing coursework (knock on wood, etc etc), I feel better posting stuff that is not about knitting in a medium that does not say that I’m knitting. Etc.

In other news, I’m doing well — working on research, enjoying the sunshine, and grousing when it snows (but not too loudly) as April rapidly approaches. I’m also living in Vermont, playing with cats, and teaching myself German when I have a spare moment or two. And, believe it or not, I’m also knitting. I’ve got two sweaters that are almost done, and one that’s at the yoke, as well as a wack of smaller projects that I’ve completed, and some even have the ends woven in. Imagine!

WordPress, it’s been real. It’s also not you, it’s all me, and I wish I could be the better person you deserve, but, well, know thyself and all of that.


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