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A little Christmas something something (part 1 of 2)

Well hello there –it’s been a while, right? Hopefully my recently found (long lost) camera battery charger will stay visible, and I’ll be more regular about posting pictures of my finished objects. Because let me tell you, I’ve got a number of them to share.

There are two parts to Christmas knitting for me:

Let me amend that — there are two parts to holiday knitting for me:

1. Knitting gifts for people — specifically, for birthdays that happen during the season, or as various non-specific holiday gifts, or “oh goodness, this is finished and would be perfect for ___ and it happens to be December at the same time” type knitting.

2. Knitting things for me. Ahem. In my defense, my birthday is in December, and who doesn’t want to do stuff for themselves when deadlines for other things are looming large?

So this post will part one of at least two — stuff I’ve knit for me with an eye to the Christmas season, and stuff that I’ve knit for others.

Let’s start with a little context. I’m way into Christmas decorations and colors. Sarah Vowell has a piece on This American Life about being a secular Christian, and I relate. Once I’m ready for the Christmas season, oh, gosh, all the lights, and the red and the green, and trees, and the gold and the silver, and the fake snow (or real snow — you can take the girl out of Maryland but you can’t take Maryland out of the girl, or something like that) … it all makes me real excited and happy-like.

I wear my christmas sweaters on my feet

Two years ago, I found out that Lorna’s Laces has a yarn colorway called “Country Christmas.” OMFG.

Two summers ago, I was struck by a sudden craving for some Monkey Socks in said colorway. I was in New Mexico at the time, and it was the summer. I have no explanation for how my mind works. I make almost no excuses for it, either.


Never mind that it took me a year and a half to actually put the pattern and the yarn together to actually make the oh so desired socks — I, no joke, started to knit these socks at least three times. First without the pattern, then with a “just not the same” pattern (2×2 rib does not a Monkey make), then I stopped liking Lorna’s Laces sock yarn for no good reason (read: pooling and flashing, and jeez this yarn is thin and my criminally loose gauge makes socks that resemble tissue weight tees from J. Crew, not sexy and springy enough, etc), and then I finally assed myself to knit the damn pattern out and knit the damn socks.

And oh, do I love them:

or at least as long as the holiday season

In my first sock of the pair, I did it all knit, no purl, and I didn’t like it. Rather than rip the sock out for the fifth (non-consecutive) time, I took my lumps, and kept the first pooly-flashy repeat of the pattern, remembered that I don’t dislike purling, and continued true to pattern.

And because I’m willing to suffer for my art, you see them posed in the mother-freaking snow which is now gone. It was cold, but it’s a tribute to wool, Lorna’s Laces, and hand-knit socks everywhere that fifteen minutes later, I was running around my yard in clogs and the same socks and taking more pictures.


Psst. Lorna. Call me?

The long-winded point of this post is that I’m re-appropriating Christmas colors, my way. Typical Christmas reds and greens wash me out, and in the name of superficialness and self-centered-ness, I want some red and green swag for the holiday season that won’t, uh, wash me out.

Here are reds and greens that I like, together:

I was finished more than a year ago

Last year, I realized that I love a particular shade of red with a particular shade of green — namely, orangey bright red with acidic yellowy green. But Hallmark and Target don’t agree with me, so I’m stuck without a kitschy hat and mitten set. Right?

Make my day, Target

The mittens are not done yet, and the details are ravelled here.

Merry Belated Christmas, all — I hope that yours were as pleasant as mine!

or other non-denominational holiday


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