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April Showers…

are both occurring today, and not done. Cryptic?

made from this: (Trekking XXL, super-mc-awesome colors)

is now one sock plus this:

I have thought of them as my “April Showers” socks, since the colors capture all the best parts of April — sunshine, rain, green, white clouds, and none of the thick gray crappy fog that is rolling past the window right now.
Ravellry-d HERE but I kind of lied (well, changed my mind), and decided that instead of doing dividing the yarn in two balls of roughly equal size and knitting from the toe as far they go (er, went), that that would get boring quickly (endless stockinette for the leg… where’s the appeal? Now I understand lace/cable sock patterns), so I made a garter cuff for the first one, not pictured here, and cast off. They’ll be ped-size. Cute.

But not done by the end of April. (Oh well…)

You may not be able to see the expansion detail on the sole of the sock, but that’s a Riverbed expansion, from Cat Bordhi’s New Pathways for Crack Sock Knitters. I may have arsed up the first sock’s expansion, or else I’ve messed this one’s up, since I’ve reversed the increase directional stitches for the second one, but since the expansion is on the bottom, i.e. out of sight, it doesn’t make a lick of difference!!! (To me. If anyone sees the bottoms of the socks, I guess they have to potential to be aesthetically offended. Symmetry is overrated. I am not the first person to point this out.)

Since it’s raining today and tomorrow, I can’t take pictures (though I want to), but there are surprises. Like, Sweater-prises. (Not done yet.)

And, if you were wondering about the hand warmer dealies, they are the Greenaway Fingerless Gloves pattern from the most awesome Purl Bee website … and this is the second time that I’ve knit them out of the same yarn — Jo Sharp Alpaca Silk Georgette in colorway Maize. I’m not hugely into yellow, but I like the muted quality of this shade. It matches my imagination of Corn Silk, though I have no idea how it measures up in reality… the color quality of the photo, as mentioned, was abysmal. Next sunny day, they will be photographed. Also, I still haven’t woven the ends in. This has not stopped me from wearing them in public.

Speaking of the Purl Bee, have you seen the new Whit’s Knits pattern for a bamboo shrug? I’ve never thought of myself as an evening shrug or bolero type… nor, for that matter, of a lady-like fingerless glove type, and yet I keep coming back to them. And that’s forgetting about the pom-pom socklettes!
Should I be worried?


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I am a bad blogger…

It’s not been as long as I thought it has since I last posted BUT I am long overdue for a post, as Adina mentions!!!
It’s not even as though I haven’t been knitting, either.
So: promises of pictures, later this week.

The light is AWFUL in my carrel in the libary, but this is one small little something that I’ve completed recently.
Er, they’ve been done for some time, but the ends aren’t woven in yet. >_<

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