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Here goes nothing!!

First semester: nearly over. Grading and just the teensiest bit of catch-up work is necessary. You know that feeling when you email your professor the take-home final, and then you realize one (two) day(s) later that you totally confused institutionalism with institutional problems Marxists point out?

But I do have this:
Two things, actually.
Thing the first: Berocco, Ultra Alpaca Light, Pashmina Cowl pattern from the incomparable Last Minute Knitted Gifts by Joelle Hoverson. The colorway is Redwoods, I believe. One and a half to two thirds skeins, on a 16″ circular in size 7. Love love love. The color is perfect, the yarn is soft, and the knitting just flows. Cowls are probably my favorite thing to knit.

Thing the second: the sweater underneath! Cascade 220, loosely based on the Sugar Plum Pullover by Veronik Avery in Melanie Falick’s Holiday Handknits. However, I made so many modifications to the pattern that it’s not really the same thing anymore.

— Made it raglan rather than circular yoking it
— Eliminated the bohus color section
— Changed the gauge (worsted on size 8s)
— Raised neckline, made into a crew neck

I reknit the top portion of this sweater perhaps three times, but I am so pleased with it — I finally have ye olde basic, charcoal gray sweater!!

(The extent to which I wear this has necessitated more warm color infusions in my wardrobe/life. Hence the cowl. Ahh, New England in the winter.)

Happy Christmukkah, y’all!!


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