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Unexpectedly sentimental

Apple cores and cherry pies
Strange the things that come to bind

Gard’ning tips or long dog walks
Those with whom we choose to talk

What we say and what we share
Reasons how or why or where

Fade away as we now pause
Caring needs no clear-cut cause

[Close family friend and neighbor is in the hospital right now. I don’t often feel the urge to write or share poetry, but it happens, sometimes.]


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Something New and Different:

More stocker-nette,



and a pause, to learn a new technique (knitting a turned hem).

Turning a hem.

Turning a hem.

To execute it properly (read: in a way that will not look like crap), I’m forcing myself to take a break. This is the sort of thing I hate to do.

Another thing to learn? How to save the new orientation so that stupid wordpress will not import it in a vertical orientation rather than a horizontal one. (Particularly frustrating since I’ve already done it successfully with the first picture in the dang post.) I hate forming new synapses!

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Summer of Yellow

Isn’t it funny how color jags can strike?

Do I have Zach Efron hair?

A Selbu In Full

Selbu Innards

Pattern: SelbuModern by Kate Gagnon at Zeitgeist Yarns.

Yarn: The Fiber Company, Canopy Fingering Weight, in Cat Claw and Macaw

Gush!! My inability to read a pattern, or to remember which is the contrasting color resulted in something like a creative interpretation vis the ribbing and the final round of decreases, but seriously. What an awesome hat. (Please don’t mind me tooting my own horn.)

Next up?

And how!

And how!

At present, it’s a large swath of stockinette stitch, which equals bo-ring. But it should become appealing soon!

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Next to me in the library (Or two dollars and ten cents well spent):

Two now empty bags of white cheddar Pirate’s Booty (registered trademark, y’all).

I know how to keep it classy.

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Overheard in a park:

“Do you want to play ‘Tail-Spin’?”

“No!! Let’s play ‘Reckless Driver’!”

– Two brothers — or at least young boys that look as if they’re related to each other — one pushing the other in a plastic play-mobile (registered trademark) car that, as I observe it now, kind of looks like a Smart Car. It’s not that much smaller.

It hasn’t ended in tears yet.

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Breaking News!

[Nina attempted to post this breaking news yesterday. Apologies.]

Nina has, to all apparent evidence, registered to run in a half marathon in two and a half months. This marks Nina’s first re-entry to competitive running in 6 years. It is undetermined, but suspected that she was sober while registering.

And yes, $33.00 later, I am officially registered to run in the Leaf Peepers Half Marathon, Sunday, October 4th, in this year of our Lord, 2009.

Holy crap!

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Easing back in…

The semester ended with a bang and not a few whimpers, but hey gang! I’m back!

True to form, though I’ve finished a few things thus far — namely going away presents for the brother (off to China for the Peace Corps … two years … sniff) and the brother’s girlfriend, neither of which I remembered to photograph prior to giving (d’oh), but there is also my first ever Selbu Modern, which is now in Maryland, while I am in New England. D’oh.

I did start another Selbu (I’m also on a mad startitis jag — watch out, yarn — while simultaneously trying to shame myself back to finishing things). Want a glimpse?

Out of the gate, but stumbling a lot.

Out of the gate, but stumbling a lot.

Yes, that’s right — the top row, visible to the naked eye, is cocked up. Which means undoing 192 stitches. In high school, my friend and I had a riotously foul expression of frustration, and I’d use it, if I didn’t think of the children.

(Oh twist my arm won’t you — f*** me up the a** with a wooden broomstick that splinters easily.)

Easy enough to fix, though, and a divine sign to get off my butt, and back to the library for work. To be continued!

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