Howdy, Folks

Though I’ve finished one of the projects I posted about last time, and though I’m nearly done with another (totally not blogged about! for no good reason!) laceweight project, I’ve got no pictures.

Well, that’s not strictly accurate — the few pictures that I have are on my cameras memory card, and I can’t find my durn card reader. So no pictures yet, but rest assured (if you were losing sleep, I guess) that I continue to knit, finish stuff, and start projects willy nilly.

In other news, tonight I went on an epic inventory mission of all my knitting stuff in my “office area” … I shunted organized my stash into a few categories, and loaded it (mostly) into two large plastic tubs. I need to get a third tub, since I underestimated my stashing abilities, to finish the job, but I enjoy the prospect. I was also ruthless about ripping out projects I was ambivalent or worse about, as well as dividing on-going projects into some semblance of an organization system (gifts for people in one bag, mittens and gloves for me in another, old sweater projects in different bags, all sock stuff confined — heh — to three separate bags, and so on). As much as I hate cleaning (I do, and I understand that “hate” is a strong word) I am beginning to see how people that love to clean can get into a zone. The sign that the four horsemen of the apocalypse are about to ride through Northampton came when I started imagining a clear drawer system for different categories of projects, so that I can recognize easily which projects need work, which should receive priority, etc.

Anyways — it’s late and I’m tired, so you’ll have to wait a while longer for pictures. Hopefully they’ll be worth it!


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