On the subject of spring (or something)

In my first year of grad school, I “celebrated” Easter by going to the nearby CVS, only to find out that they were sold out of fun Easter candy (peeps and cadbury anything). It was a low-point of what was already a somewhat difficult year. Last year, I got to be in Long Island on Easter morning with my family, but the morning of followed a night in which I had something like a nervous breakdown about how I had no idea what I was doing with my life.

This year beat both of those Sundays by leaps and bounds — to wit, I even remembered to boil some eggs the night before so that I could dye them like so:

Bowls are plastic work horses from World Market, a purchase I was smart to think to make before coming to grad school.

Colors are more muted (and more my style) because of dying brown eggs, I believe.

I am particularly proud of that bright coral one…

All three imagery aside, any allusions to the trinity or anything vaguely christian is completely unintended — I’m a little bit high on spring, is all.

What I’m knitting right now may reflect this — I find myself, for the first time in ever (or at least since I began knitting everywhere) going for a day here and there without knitting a stitch, and not having a huge problem with that… This ain’t me.

Here’s what I am excited to work on:

Two utterly spring colored laceweight projects that are just tricky enough that I can’t work on them just anywhere.

Item A you’ve seen already —

Fleece Artist Suri Blue in the colorway Dandelion on size 3 needles in a basic ribbon eyelet pattern.

I love it as much now as I did when I started, and I’m also really ready to be done with it. It’s almost 6 feet long, but it quickly dips into black hole phases in which it appears to have shrunk…

Neither of those photos gives any good sense of the whole piece, but hopefully this:

begins to approximate what it’s like in length. I’m a superfan.

But not, evidently, enough of a superfan to not be seduced by something new and shiny:

The new is the pattern — the springtime bandana from Whit’s Knits on the Purl Bee. The yarn, actually, is a year and a half old stuff from my stash. (Habu silk mohair kusa in Madder, and Rowan Kidsilk Haze in Jelly, if you wanted to know.) So it felt right virtuous to start this.

The colors remind my of apple blossoms, but also of preppy girls from high school. My parents use the term “pink and green” to refer to that kind of person, and I absolutely internalized a certain distrust of people into wearing those two colors together BUT but but but… I somehow always justify the combination to myself by the fact that I’m different. Anyways, it’s not, like, kelly green and bubble gum pink together, right? Right?

However I justify it, I’m making some good progress on it for having started it on Tuesday, when I really should have been doing other work. Ahem. I think I’m close to a quarter done with it.

I realize that this doesn’t necessarily represent a break away from my color binges in February and March but whatever. I can knit something blue whenever I want. Yeah. (Speaking of blue knitting, I actually have two sweaters in progress. But they’re both in time out for different reasons.)

Hope the rest of your day is as lovely as mine is!


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