Would you like some purple with that?

Kneesocks in the making since October, 2008:

First sock in full…

The building blocks of the second sock.

Noro Kureyon Sock — two skeins in two different colorways, that never seemed to have enough of the colors that I liked in them while knitting from just the one. You know how it goes:

“Woo love these colors, it’s so pretty, it’s crazy, it’s … Dang it! Knots!”

And then you break the yarn, rejoin it, and find that the color order is not how it’s ‘sposed to be, and then you throw your knitting in the corner.


So I went with the crazy by just picking and choosing the colors that I liked:


Stay tuned.

Since I’m unable to do anything in moderation, here’s another purple thing I knit:

Classic Elite Duchess Yarn in this kickass plum color in the pattern Quincy by BrooklynTweed (or Jared Flood … whichever. It’s from the Brooklyn booklet).

I’ve loved the look of the pattern since I could see the preview, but had nightmarish visions of the pilling awaiting the recommended yarn (Classic Elite Ariosa. Super pretty, super soft, but holy jeez), a very lofty single. (Also, yes, nightmarish. I pick my battles.)

Enter Duchess — this yarn is pretty tightly spun and still super soft, and it seemed like the natural substitute, until I blocked the durn hat and it ballooned out.

Which was a shame, after all the precious detail involved in making it.

So, fast forward three weeks, when I finally gave it a spin through a dryer, which shrank it a bit:

And I think I can finally send it off to my mom, whose birthday was almost two months ago.




  1. Mel said

    Damn, bitch! (read that comment with an ironic feminist lens) You have outdone yourself. I love them both. If I ever do something really noteworthy, I hope to give a press conference wearing a hat like that.

  2. I love that top sock! The green, the pink, the purple, the stripes…. Wait, there was some pink, right? *doublechecks*. Yes. Best striped socks I think I have ever seen – besides the ones my grandmother made, but that doesn’t count because I’ll love them regardless because my grandmother made them. Yes.

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