The St. Patrick’s Day Binge of 2010

I told you I’d be back soon!!

In keeping with the holiday themed knitting, here’s what I managed to pull out for St. Paddy’s day, 2010, roughly in the order of production —

First, a hat. A humble hat!! In not-so-humble yarn that was an awesome gift from eeevvvvaaaaa (ravelry link!), Johann’s awesome cousin who is also an awesome knitter. The natural light today was on the gray side, and everything (including, ahem, me) looked washed out in the pictures that I took while I was trying to be artistic. Oh well.

The yarn is actually a warm Kelly green, with these awesome teal and gold flecks in it — super warm and dense. It’s a serious hat.

Lest you doubt …(Also, pardon the fact that the pictures that approach capturing the colors better are all taken in the bathroom with zero natural light. Alienation etc.)

Why not segue into the sort of matching cowl? The yarn for this was sort of an impulse buy.

Noro Retro in this dark-ass green with these subtle shifts from glowy green to black-forest soft and stuff. Also, it is wool and silk and angora. Really really nice to hold and to knit — 110 precious yards that I knit up entirely. I want to knit a long scarf out of this yarn; it is just that amazing.

Here it is as modelled by Max, Johann’s younger brother’s cat. He was not super thrilled to help me out with this, but he was a pretty good sport.

This shot is a bit closer to the true colors of this piece — again, sorry that it’s taken in the bathroom!! I wear this one metric ass-ton.

Finally, the mitts —

Oh, the mitts. I started these last year, and could never quite find the rhythm I needed for them. They were too big, they were too loose, they were too tight, and then I quit. I shoved them in my box of yarn and UFOs, and didn’t unearth them until March 5th, when I sat down to do some work and decided that I needed to knit something to keep my hands warm.

One marathon knitting session, and one passive-aggressive attempt to felt them into something not so surly looking resulted in one of my top five finished objects. I love these handwarmers so hard!

They are soft and warm and fuzzy and green…

Their stripes are the most perfectest stripe sequence ever…

And you caught how green they are, right?

Here’s how much I like them: not only did I weave in all of the ends as soon as I finished knitting them, but …

I even figured out how to work the self-timer so that I could create my own photo of them in action:

Now if you’ll excuse me, please, I think I’m going to go knit something blue.

Or at least something that isn’t green.


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