In hindsight…

Before the big green binge (and a lovely image that, right?), there was the big pink binge. I should note that I’m not a huge pink person. Er. Hang on. I’m not a huge pink person, but I also don’t wear a lot of pink, though I do like the color a lot, when applied judiciously. But my love of commodifying holiday spirit my own DIY way has a way of prevailing over other aspects of my personality. Maybe I’ll learn, but I foresee a lot of Christmas colored, Valentines Day colored, and St. Patrick’s Day colored projects in the coming years — it’s one of those know thyself things, and I think I know myself well enough that I won’t stop, even if I know (especially in hindsight) that I end the color jags with that feeling you get when you watch a DVD of TV episodes all the way through, especially with a box of cookies that you also work your way through.

Or maybe that’s just me.

So it is in hindsight that I say I should have known, in January, when I began the epic project of pink knitting, that I probably would not have the set of knee socks, cowl, hat, and mittens that I hoped to have by February 14th. But hey — 3.9 out of 4 ain’t bad, even if it’s more than a month late, especially when you consider that the cowl was totally unplanned. A surprise, if you will.

Pardon the artsiness — the knee socks did become leg warmers. I got to the heel on the first one, and remembered that knee sock weather may soon be past us (I know that spring in New England doesn’t count, but humor me, please) and that I really really want some leg warmers.

Here they are under pants that are tight enough to keep them up and not slouching.

I am a big fan of leg warmers under pants, particularly when I live in a drafty house, and particularly during those transition seasons fall and spring, where it’s just as likely to be sunny as it is to be rainy and COLD.

However, I’m also open to wearing them not under pants, but in more fully visible pairings. What you can’t see (because they’re under pants) is a sequence of eyelets that I cleverly included up top, so that I can run some ribbon through them to keep ’em up. I still have to get the ribbon, but you know.

I like them a lot! I knit them out of Cherry Tree Hill Sockittome (I think? The ball bands are long departed to the yarn store in the sky), which is soft and has really pretty and subtle color shading. Their pinkness is a bit on the pepto bismol side for me and my skin tone, which means that if I wear them on display in public, it will probably be over leggings, and not on bare legs. Would I knit something like them again? I don’t know. Sock-weight leg warmers are a time commitment, so probably not any time soon.

Here was the “not a huge time commitment” project of February: a cowl knit out of Berrocco Jasper, a yarn that I’ve wanted to knit with since it was released, I think. Super soft and squishy single ply merino in delightfully regular color sequence that pills like you would not believe. But like all pretty things, I forgive it. Again, more on the girly candy side than I usually go for, but February is a hellish month.

And I’m no super hero. (My hair should give that away!)

So there’s also a pair of mittens and a hat in sugar cookie colors that I just don’t have the pictures of right now, but never you fret. I’m sure they’ll come out when March remembers that it’s still March and it gets cold and rainy again. And when they do, you’ll see them!


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