Christmas Knitting Part 2 (the sort of a let-down post)

So — I had a huge post planned. It was going to have some riff on the “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue” thing, because … gift knitting is like getting married? In hindsight, I’m not sure what I was thinking.

But then I went and forgot to take pictures of three of the four gifts that I knit for gifts this past holiday season. Two pieces were from Jared Flood designs, and I had an inkling of a post titled, “A Very Brooklyn Christmas,” until it was eminently clear that I would not have my dad’s hat finished by Christmas. As it was, it’s remarkable that my mum’s mittens got finished by the morning in question.

Then there were the two extended family gifts — namely, a hershey kiss (registered trademark?) hat for my cousin’s baby, and a pair of ad hoc fingerless mitts for my grandma, in, you guessed it, maybe, the color blue.

Here is some photographic evidence of the mittens, at least:

And a slightly larger view:

I really like mittens

They are Jared Flood’s Grove Mittens, and I knit them in Classic Elite’s Renaissance yarn, which is a cushy cushy worsted weight, that I hope will wear like iron. I used size 4 needles, and these muthas are dense.

The color is called Fruit Compote, and it makes me happy in a way that only girly colors can.

Please to pardon the rather blurry picture. WordPress is acting ornery right now, and I don’t want it to harsh on my mitten-induced mellow. They’re super warm, and I think everyone should knit themselves a pair.

Hope that your new years were splendid — mine involved watching 30 Rock episodes on DVD with loved ones, and it was kind of perfect.



  1. La Nina said

    Hi Nina! Your mittens are super-pretty! I think that’s my favorite pattern from that booklet, but I haven’t knit the, yet. Do you find the hands to be long?

    • Hi Nina!!!
      I think that if I had not knit so many repeats before putting the thumb stitches on waste yarn, that the mittens would probably have been long enough. I did add another repeat because as I knit them, they would have been too short. I believe (based on other people on Ravelry’s results) that a fair number of people add a repeat to the pattern as is.
      I found that now they were a little bit long, but I have pretty small hands, and I would prefer mittens to be a little too long than a little too short.

    • Also: Thanks!! And Hey How’s It Going Ms. Knitwear Designer? I think that that’s super awesome!

  2. ooooOoOOoo….one of my favorite colors. Are the mittens as tricksy as they seem? Maybe it was the gloves that I heard were a pain. Either way, they are lovely.

    • Hi again!! The pattern itself was really intuitive, though I was not crazy about the cuff instructions. Twisted stitches with a cable needle? Please! I have the Vogue Knitting with the gloves pattern in it, and I think that that was supposed to be the hard to follow one. And in general, I have found the fiddliness of gloves to be a bit off-putting… but maybe that’s just because I have a pair languishing on my needles. Thanks again for the comment — the yarn is on major sale over at Webs right now, and as a workhorse wool that’s pretty darn soft, I highly recommend it. The color was Fruit Compote! Best, Nina

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