Easing back in…

The semester ended with a bang and not a few whimpers, but hey gang! I’m back!

True to form, though I’ve finished a few things thus far — namely going away presents for the brother (off to China for the Peace Corps … two years … sniff) and the brother’s girlfriend, neither of which I remembered to photograph prior to giving (d’oh), but there is also my first ever Selbu Modern, which is now in Maryland, while I am in New England. D’oh.

I did start another Selbu (I’m also on a mad startitis jag — watch out, yarn — while simultaneously trying to shame myself back to finishing things). Want a glimpse?

Out of the gate, but stumbling a lot.

Out of the gate, but stumbling a lot.

Yes, that’s right — the top row, visible to the naked eye, is cocked up. Which means undoing 192 stitches. In high school, my friend and I had a riotously foul expression of frustration, and I’d use it, if I didn’t think of the children.

(Oh twist my arm won’t you — f*** me up the a** with a wooden broomstick that splinters easily.)

Easy enough to fix, though, and a divine sign to get off my butt, and back to the library for work. To be continued!



  1. Mel said

    Wow, that was your expression in high school? You are the badass roommate.

  2. Oh, we are all the badass roommate. My mouth might be filthier, though.

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