Holy Blog Post, Batman!

As a heads up, there is nothing graceful about the following pictures. There is nothing color corrected about them either.

Momentum. Is. Everything!

Pretty yarn is pretty.

Pretty yarn is pretty.

This responds to a craving for a sweet, light, soft, lacy scarf.

Mom, Nina's stretching me!

Mom, Nina's stretching me!

I like the idea of a really long scarf, but my mom was so taken with the look of this that I’m considering two somewhat shorter scarves.

So fresh and so soft soft.

So fresh and so soft soft.

Super duper simple eyelet lace pattern that I realized I loved while knitting a February Baby Sweater after I cocked up the gull stitch pattern. It is now my favorite go-to lace stitch, even if it runs the risk of being “plain”. (Plain is relative, anyways…)

Mittens are almost done.

Give us our thumbs!

Give us our thumbs!

Well, now just one thumb. It’s amazing how much progress you can make on a mitten IF YOU DO NOTHING ELSE WITH YOUR DAY.

They’re super squishy, and so close to being done, and yet it’s so sunny and warm today. Le sigh.

On to das homework!


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