I won’t be here this weekend,

because the boyfriend will be in town, assuming his plane (stupid Delta) ever gets here. To that end, I’ve rented a car, we’re planning to go all over the place, and maybe I’ll even get to a yarn shop somewhere outside of Santa Fe? (Couldn’t possibly happen…)
However, I have some gems to show for the past weekend and the sun this morning!

Saturday I went to this:

Santa Fe’s International Folk Art Market. Among other things, I bonded with Jess, from Albuquerque (and originally South Africa) while waiting for an African dance workshop to start. The ice-breaker? The embossed leaf socks. When I go through Albuquerque on my way home, we’ll be meeting up for knitting. I’m psyched!
(The dancing was awesome too.)

The workshop was held in the Folk Art Museum itself, so after getting all sweaty, I found my way to the Fiber (!!!) exhibit in said museum — it was all about the history of producing fiber and the things that people have done with it. There were spinning wheels, embroidered garments, lace like you wouldn’t believe, and this:

An interactive portion with standing looms, pot-holder looms, and embroidery hoops. I threaded a loop on one of the potholders, and then heard my boss from the Guild say, “I didn’t know you were part of this exhibit…” Oops!
Here’s my contribution to the wall hanging:

It took a while to do (like, 10 minutes, maybe longer) but part of that may have been because I was chatting with two different people that added to different portions of the existing weaving.

The other thing I’ve been up to (besides the Manos scarf and the embossed leaves socks, which are just longer than the last time you saw them) is this:

It’s the first in a pair of hand warmers inspired by Eunny Jang’s Endpaper Mitts — I have them on hold now because I have to figure out what to do for a thumb gusset. You can probably see the puckering happening — I started these at a Stitch and Bitch in town at a new yarn store called Tutto (awesome place, run by these two sassy guys that have interesting things to say about the editor of a publication with a title that rhymes with Binter-sleeve Wits), and could ask people there (veteran Fair-Isle knitters) if there’s any trick to carrying floats, particularly across needle joins. It turns out that practice is the way to go, so I’m not giving myself a hard time about it.

I love them.

I also finished this:

(Apart from weaving in the ends, of course.)

Detail here:

I’m stymied as far as capturing color in the intense sunlight here goes. Suffice to say it’s a combination of lilac pinks, olive greens, scarlet, maroon, and happiness. It reminds me of roses, in a great way.

And a color detail for the Whale’s Road cowl — delicious berry purples and refreshing clear blues. Lurve.

On the agenda for the week: stranded socks, Magic Loop style, and some basic boring movie socks. We have a planned date to watch as many super hero movies in a row this weekend as possible, and the first Hellboy movie should be arriving via Netflix by Friday.


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  1. La Nina said

    bzuh, knitting overload, and it all looks great! I love the armwarmers especially. You changed the stitch pattern a bit, right? I think they look great, puckery or not! I am also very interested to know the gossip on the “hinter-skeeve” editors…though it’s probably not appropriate for you to publicize said gossip on your blog. If I used emoticons, there would be a sad face here.

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