An introduction to a friend…

I have a friend from college named Naomi who is amazing for loads of reasons.

She is funny. (Improv comedienne, actress, blogger.)

She is tough. (Born and raised in the city. You know which one.)

She is gorgeous.

She has the same initials I do. (North-East)

Her birthday is two days before mine.

“But Nina,” you ask, “what does this have to do with knitting? Surely Naomi doesn’t knit, as you haven’t listed it in reasons why she is fabulous.”

Because, dear reader, I am flouting her advice here:

(NB — Some language and subject matter may be inappropriate for children!)
and here:

with this:

From another angle:

“A shrug??” (My own subconscious asks, indignantly.)
Not just any shrug. This one!
“I thought you would hold out against such temptation… such indulgence to cast on, such trendiness never to wear.”

Yeah, well, look — it’s spring in New England. It was effing cold this morning, and for most of today. And I have Things-To-Dress-Up-For (the Boyfriend’s younger brother’s Phi Beta Kappa induction, the Younger Brother’s graduation) all in scenic, Northern, New England — we’re talking Vermont and Maine. Not wearing a sweater is NOT an option. But my sweaters are almost categorically shlubby by now, and I don’t have the time to block out a lace shawl.

Plus, it’s simple knitting — great for finals week.

And mmm. Bamboo plus silk equals everything I’d hoped and dreamed. I could be convinced to roll around naked in this yarn. (For the curious, Ella Rae Bamboo Silk. Dreamy stuff.)

It is still in progress:

and it is unlikely to be done by Saturday, when Johann’s younger brother will have his Phi Beta Kappa ceremony. Because isn’t that just how it works?

“Ooh. I need a [something that could be knitted] in less than a week. Time to cast on!”

But, with any luck, it might be done by Chaz’s graduation.

At which point it might be too cold to wear just a shrug!

(Also, dude. Read Naomi’s blog would you? It’s hilarious.)


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  1. La Nina said

    Grrrr, I talked myself OUT of buying that very yarn when it was on sale at Web’s last month. Sigh…another one to put back on the list…

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