First May FO…

Cast on sometime in mid-January, and intended as a replacement Christmas present, finally done after a weekend of putting on the burn, here is …

Mabel’s Scarf, heretofore renamed Elke’s Scarf!!

After I had woven the ends in:

And a closeup of the detail…

Woo finishing items in progress since JANUARY.
(Shout out to Adina…)

Pattern from the lovely Larissa Brown — you can see her original HERE. She has an amazing looking book out that I would love to lay my hands on…

Yarn: Mirasol Cotanani (merino/cotton blend) in a blueberry yogurt color.
Needles: Size 9 plastic ick-sters (I was desperate and needed a pair to start knitting RIGHT THEN).
LYS: Woolcott & Co — to which I am slowly warming up!!

Merry Christmas Happy Birthday Happy … err… Spring is really here??



  1. La Nina said

    Pretty pattern! Plastic needles are the worst, in my opinion. So blunt and…flaccid. I think you should blame the lapse in progress on THEM.

  2. Adina said

    Yay you! I remember when we were marveling about how the knits and purls really do take turns popping up in the pattern 🙂

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