Yoo hoo!!

C’est un(e?) chapeau!


Yarn: Valley Yarns, Berkshire Bulky — Spruce and Fuchsia
Needles: 10, 24″ circular, 8 dpns
Pattern: BS’d

Fun — James asked me to knit a hat for him, and promised that he would pay for materials and a decent wage. I finally got around to knitting the durn hat this past week — bulky knits up quickly, and is great to knit with for a change!!

Complaints: I found three knots in the green yarn while knitting — ick! No telling on the fuchsia, and I haven’t even plowed through the whole skein of the spruce one. Lame and two thirds! I hate knots in my yarn.
That all said, the Berkshire Bulky is great — both for what it is (an inexpensive, quality yarn) and in general. The color palette is still a little too bright for my taste, but it’s great for small, high octane color projects.

On the needles currently:

Well, I guess it’s hard to capture that color and reasonable detail in the half-dark. With the flash, it’s pretty much Slimer green (Have you seen Be Kind, Rewind?) … the picture without the flash is a mite too pitiful for internets consumption.

Shh. It’s secret knitting.


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