First March Post

First, apologies for the craptastic (registered trademark of the YarnHarlot?) pictures of Poinsettia, which I realized, after posting, is not spelled with an extra T. That’s, like, years of misspelling that most ubiquitous of winter holiday floral arrangements. Oh well. If I can pressure someone into it, I’ll post a real modeling session with it — I make no promises about my ability to vogue.

To tide you over (har har), I have some more photos.

I finished the Socks that Rock Socks — purple/orange/magenter colorway Covelite — but, because it wouldn’t be Christmas fun if I didn’t need to rip the second sock out, there is this:

and this:

After finishing the heel, I merrily picked up the stitches, thought there seemed to be an awful lot of stitches on the needles, and continued to knit.

Not realized until a few (maybe twenty or so) rounds later that I had NOT TURNED THE HEEL.

So I unraveled the foot progress (far less merrily), painstakingly replaced the needles, and turned the freaking heel.
Stupid sock.

They are forgiven now, though, now that they’re done.

Look Ma, no ladders!!

I could never stay mad at you.

Let us never fight again.


Socks that Rock do rock, and mightily. This is some sturdy yarn, that split only because I was inept with pointy metal sticks that my mom calls “needles”. I love the needles, too, which were a mixed up set of old-school dpns from the bins in the basement elaborate subterranean storage system in my parents’ house.

Also, I’m never knitting socks or anything on bamboo double points again.

Even the momentary spots of lighting style flashing didn’t bother me… but I would figure a way out of that next time.


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